Prerequisite: .Net Framework, Basic Controls, Asp.Net Technology

C# Language Basic Concepts (8) :
Basic Concepts: Program Structure, Type, Literals & Variables, expressions, statements,Default value and default assignment, Namespace
OOPs Concepts:  Members [static and instance fields and methods, Member access, Outputparameter, Properties, Indexers, Overloading, Inheritance, Boxing-Unboxing, Overriding, Key Words [Virtual, abstract, new and sealed], Classes [Static, Abstract, sealed], Hiding members

C# Language Advance Concepts (8)
Constructs: Arrays, Structs, Enums
Interfaces & Delegates [Anonymous method, Lambda Expression, Events] Constructed Types – Generics: Type Argument, Open/Closed Types, Dynamic type
Exception Handling: Keywords - try, catch, finally and throw, Creating User-DefinedExceptions, Throwing Objects
Statements [Using, Yield], Concept of Partial Class File I/O: Byte & Character Oriented I/O
Expansion Method: Concept of Expansion method, How to bind at compile time? How toImplement and Call a Custom Extension Method?

Basic API, Collections and Database Connectivity (10)
Basic APIs: Simple Types, String and StringBuilder, Diagnostic API–Debug & Trace
Collection Framework: ADO.Net: ADO v/s ADO.Net, Benefits of ADO.Net, ADO.Net Architecture, Connection Class,Command Class, DataReader Class, DataAdapter Class, DataSet Class, DataTable Class, DataRow Class, DataColumn Class, Using Stored Procedures
Report Facility: Manipulation of Static and Dynamic Crystal Reports

Multi- Threading, LINQ & Parsers (8)
Network API: Socket Programming
Thread & Serialization: Thread, ThreadPool, Lock, Mutex, Sleep, Process, Multi-Threading,Serialization
Asynchrony API:Async& Await method
LINQ: Basics of Query Expression, LINQ to Objects, LINQ to SQL, LINQ to XML, RegularExpression
Parsers: JSON Parser, XML Parser [XAML System]

WPF & WCF (6)
WPF: WPF Architecture & Render Engine, WPF Controls [Layout, Drawings & Painting, Style,templates…]
WCF Service: Introduction to WCF, Architecture of WCF, Features of WCF, WCFCommunication Protocols, Addresses, Endpoints, Bindings, Contracts, Behaviors, Message Patterns, Hosting, Creating and Using WCF Service.

Reference Book:-

·         The complete reference C# 4.0 by Herbert Schildt , TMH

·         Professional C# 2012 and .NET 4.5 by Bill Evjen and others, WROX 

·         WPF 4.0 by Adam Nathan, Unleased Publication

Note for Examiner : 
Q-1 must be common from any topics from syllabus.
Q-2 and onwards must be from specific topics and internal choice or option can be given

Paper Structure : 
Q-1 Attempt any Five Out of Seven: each question must be 6 marks) --- 30 marks Question must be covered all possible section.
Q-2 (Must be from topics: 1 and 2 (6+6))
Q-3 (Must be from topics: 3 and 4 (6+6))
Q-4 (Must be from topics: 5(6))

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