Department of Computer Science (DCS), Ganpat University is place, where we deliver the affordable quality skill based education for development of society, It has been noticed that, A serious dearth of skills demanded by employers in the University graduates seeking jobs. It can also throttle a country´s attempts to diversify its sources of growth. It is our great pride to say that Department of Computer Science (DCS) has been filling this gap and providing highly qualified and skilled professionals to the globe since its establishment.

The exciting results are achieving by practicing the best processes in the higher education. Practicing the best international curriculum, Active industry interface cell, Development of practical skills based on strong theoretical concepts, Personal mentoring to all students, Co-curricular activities and events, Dynamic teaching learning methodologies ensure the holistic personality and educational development to its students.

I encourage you to contact us or visit the website for more information about the DCS. We highly value our partnership with recruiters, alumniandvarious employment agencies. Weare incessantly trying to contribute in shaping the society in a dynamic way.


Dr. Satyen Parikh

Executive Dean (Faculty of Computer Applications), 
Prof. & Head AMPICS, DCS
Ganpat University,
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