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M. Sc. IT (Cyber Security)

If you are looking for one of the top best Cyber Security courses, then Ganpat University has to be your one-stop destination. The entire program structure divided into 4 (four) semesters.

The syllabus includes an ethical Hacking Course, Fundamentals of forensic and digital security, cyber laws, analytics, operations in computer networking, information assurance, detection of anomalies, and software security. A total of two research projects conducted in the 3rd and the 4th semesters to gain a deeper insight into the subject.

The course has targeted to making the students experts in ensuring data integrity, availability, and confidentiality; restoration, preservation, and security of various systems; development of risk management properties and skills, etc.

After the completion of the Cyber Security post-graduation program the students will be entitled to deliver their capabilities in:

1. The four major fields of securing information online: Encryption, Signature Schemes, Hash Functions, and Authentication.

2. Formulation of recommendations in both software and hardware assessment of security-related features, estimating and eliminating security risks.

3. Examine security loopholes and provide effective solutions to security-related problems.

4. Detect and prevent cyber-attacks by implementing various security measures, thus protecting the internet users from frauds, information and identity theft, theft of funds, Dos attacks, and various other intrusions by attackers.

Duration Of The Course: 2 years

Cyber Security Course Fees: The complete course and certification of cyber security are provided to you at INR 35,000/- per semester.

Cyber Security Course Eligibility: Students who possess a graduate degree such as B.E. or B.Tech in a computer background, science graduates with mathematics as a subject during graduation, forensic science graduates, are eligible for the cyber security course.

Seats: 20

Course Level: The M.Sc.IT in cyber security is a standard, intermediate and a basic level post-graduation program designed to increase proficiency and awareness in the field of security as far as various cyber activities areis considered.

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