MSC-IT (IMS) Semester Wise Subject Name and Syllabus

MSC-IT (IMS) Semester I
1Fundamentals Of Operating Sysytem
2Introduction To Cyber Security                                   
3Architecture Of Network Planning
4Introduction of Python Programming
5Elective I – ( Fundamental of Hardware And Network)
7Industrial Project- I


MSC-IT (IMS) Semester II
1Managing Enterprise Network
2Algorithm Development & Introduction to programming language
3IT Security Management                                            
4Elective – II (Concepts of Open Source Scripting Languages)
 5Elective – III (Certified Ethical Hacking)
6Industrial Project- II


MSC-IT (IMS) Semester III
1Principles Of Virtualization
 2IT Service Management Using ITIL
Advanced Microsoft Server Operating Sysytem                                            
VOIP and Wireless Technologie
Industrial Project- III


MSC-IT (IMS) Semester IV
1Industrial Project-II                                                                      




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